Free shipping

We provide our customers with free standard shipping on all orders regardless of price or quantity.

Order Tracking

Once an item has been purchased you will be provided with a tracking ID. You can track the progress and location of your product until it’s delivered.

Purchasing multiple items

Should you purchase multiple items on our store, we may ship your items in separate packages. Multiple items may be shipped separately as soon as they are processed and ready to make sure that you receive them as soon as possible. Each package would have a unique tracking ID which would be forwarded to you for tracking on our website.

Maximum guaranteed delivery period

We aim to deliver your order comfortably well within the maximum number of  guaranteed days, which is 45 days from when the item is shipped as set out in the buyer protection policy. Our priority is to make sure that you receive your item as quickly as possible. Please make sure you’ve read and understood this before making a purchase as this is part of our terms and conditions of service. Our terms and conditions of service are specifically designed to help us protect your rights and make it as comfortable as possible for our customers to make purchases and process refunds. We aim to make your experience on our store as pleasant as possible while making sure your rights are protected at all times.

Buyer Protection

Although it never comes to that and our customers receive their items well within 4 weeks, but if for whatever reason, should your order not arrive within the maximum guaranteed delivery period of 45 days from the date of shipping contact customer service to activate buyer protection.


  • This policy does not affect your rights to the Northumberland Store buyer protection guarantee policy.


Should you have any questions or concern, please contact us.

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